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Customized Polish and Finnish language courses for employees


  • When a new employee moves to Poland or Finland, many things and customs are completely new to him/her and often very difficult. Thanks to our Survival course, it will be easier to adjust to a new country and the employee won't give up so easily return to the home country.

  • An employee who speaks the local language and is more familiar with the culture integrates more easily and is more satisfied with his/her life also outside the workplace.

  • Employee turnover will be reduced, so the time and money invested during the recruitment won't be wasted.

  • As a Finnish-Polish couple, we will quickly identify the many pitfalls that an employee who has moved to Poland may encounter. We are able to prevent them.



Online Polish language courses for Finnish employees living in or moving to Poland.

Online Finnish language courses for Polish employees.

Welcome to Poland/Finland - Survival language and culture course:

  • The recommended duration of the course is 8 x 90 min (2 x per week for 1 month or 1 x per week for 2 months)

  • The course includes: Basic Polish/Finnish language skills, e.g. greeting, introducing, shopping, going to the doctor, hobbies

  • Getting to know the Polish/Finnish culture and customs through the foreigners eyes - what differences do we have?, what do we have in common?, how do I make new friends?

  • The motto of the course: This is how I make the most of living in Poland/Finland!

  • Aimed primarily to the new expats, teaching in small groups of 3-5 person

  • Courses takes place online via Zoom or Skype

  • Schedules are adjusted according to the client's wishes, in the morning, evening or during the weekend

Continuous Polish/Finnish language course for group or individuals:

Recommended durations:

a) 4 x 90 min or 8 x 90 min / month

b) 10 x 90 min during 3 months

  • Teaching can be individual or in small groups

  • The course includes: Deeper knowledge of the grammar and the structures of the Polish/Finnish language, pronunciation and communication.

  • Getting to know Polish/Finnish culture and social phenomenas more deeply, for example through sports events, movies, television programs, food culture, etc.

  • Motto of this course: I want to stay in Poland/Finland for longer!

  • Online course with the help of Zoom or Skype

  • Schedules are adjusted according to the client's wishes, in the morning, evening or during the weekend




Prices and durations are agreed according to the company's needs. Ask for a quote!




  • We are a Finnish-Polish couple and have worked for several years in various expert positions that require Polish and Finnish language skills.

  • Knowledge of both countries is essential in the teaching of language and culture. Language is a part of culture and without knowledge of the culture, teaching remains superficial. So we go deeper than the surface.

  • During the lessons we use native language of the students. Learning a new language is much easier and faster compared to learning it through other foreign language.

  • We have several years of experience in the field of education in both Poland and Finland

  • Courses are always customized to the needs and skills of the students

  • We act as teachers ourselves, so we guarantee the high quality


We have been working as a Polish and Finnish language experts since 2008. Our customers have been Lingua-City Katowice, Delete Finland Oy, Yle Radio 1, Klima-Therm Group, Kuljetus Eklöf Oy, NHK Keskus and several other Finnish and Polish companies.


Meet us


Agnieszka Kotulska-Rahunen

I have lived in Finland for several years and teaching is my passion. I like to be with other people and meet new people. I have been teaching both Polish and Finnish for foreigners. In addition to my mother tongue, Polish, I speak fluently Finnish, English and German.


Kimmo Rahunen

Poland has become my second home. I have been working for several years in various jobs, where Polish language skill is demanded. As a teacher, interpreter, translator and journalist. In addition to my mother tongue, Finnish, I speak fluently Polish, English and German.

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